Welcome to the Archaeological Autoclassification System

The SIGGI – AACS project is a prototype of an expert system for the identification of archaeological materials. To test the validity of the concept, projectile points were selected as the initial type of object to identify. To generate classifications SIGGI, the computerized agent, utilizes an artificial neural network that has been trained to identify projectile point types from 4 distinct regional typologies:

  • Columbia Plateau
  • Upper Snake River Basin
  • Northwest Plains
  • ANTH 582

Almost as important as the actual identification of the archaeological materials is the user interface developed for the interactions between the computer and the user. A set of interfaces have been designed for varying levels of users ranging from the general public to dedicated research professionals.

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If you have questions, or a desire to help with the development of this project, please send an e-mail to:

Skip Lohse Director of the Center for Innovative Technology In Archeological Informatics

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